Vision and Mission

The Main Goals of the Biomonitoring Program are:

  • The establishment of a permanent, locally-managed environmental health monitoring program for the region’s streams and watersheds.
  • Systematization of the biological knowledge of Talamancan streams (a poorly understood component of biodiversity in the region).
  • Locating and defining watershed health problems.
  • Providing hands-on environmental education and training opportunities for local people of all ages.
The Biomonitoring Program builds on five main beliefs:
  • Aquatic biodiversity and the biotic integrity of aquatic systems are reliable indicators of  water and physical habitat in  fluvial systems.
  • As a consequence of the force of gravity, rivers and streams also serve as indicators of environmental health and the quality of land management upstream and upslope.
  • Communities anywhere in the world will respond positively when offered the opportunity to participate in monitoring the health of the ecosystems on which they depend.
  • To monitor events is to participate in writing history.
  • Each time new information is recorded it not only adds value, it enhances the value of all the information accumulated previously, but to fully realize that value the information  must be made widely available.