ANAI Philosophy

ANAI has demonstrated a long term commitment, to the people of Talamanca, to its biodiversity, and to its future generations, convinced of the importance of the Talamanca process for Talamanca and for the entire world.

ANAI’s Core Beliefs:
  • No inherent contradiction exists between economic development and environmental conservation. If communities and nations are to thrive, development and conservation must take place together.
  • The best stewards of the tropical lowlands are the natives who have dedicated their lives to these lands.
  • All natural tropical areas that are not protected will be radically altered during our lifetime. We must work to protect these areas and preserve their biodiversity for future generations to enjoy.
  • The natural forest and other unique ecosystems are Talamanca’s most economically valuable asset in the long term.
  • A winning strategy to address sustainable development and nature conservation must successfully integrate environmental, social, economic and organizational needs.