ANAI’s members and staff are a blend of Talamancan farmers, professionals and scientists of a diversity of nationalities.  Our formative years were spent working in one of Talamanca’s more remote communities, several hours from the nearest road, providing invaluable lessons for all aspects of our future work.  All work has been carried out together with the local people.   The intimate contact and mutual respect that characterize our daily interactions have allowed a continual synthesis of the practical with the visionary, the daily needs with the long term considerations, the social and economic development with the importance of sustaining natural communities.

An important part of the inner workings of ANAI is also managed by Professional Support and field volunteers.  Professionals and students with skills in fields like economy, business administration, tourism, accounting, agriculture, and forest management work as staff, and in the process develop new skills and experiences.  These volunteers typically come for 8-12 months.