ANAI’s Vision for Talamanca

 People will enjoy a high quality of life, with adequate incomes and excellent education, health and other services.

  • Agriculture, forestry and other productive activities will be sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Capable grassroots organizations will exercise effective local leadership of the sustainable development process.
  • A high percentage of the land stretching from the Continental Divide to the sea will remain forested.
  • All ecosystems and ecosystem functions will be maintained.
  • Privately held lands will be mostly owned by native Talamancans, with a healthy mix of agroforestry systems, sustainably managed forests and totally natural areas.
  • The official Protected Areas will be well managed for biodiversity protection and beneficial for the neighboring communities.
  • A locally owned and controlled ecotourism economy will direct proceeds into local hands, provide incentives for biodiversity conservation, support grassroots organizations and educate both visitors and residents.